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Genie Click

Magnetic Building Blocks Educational Toy Set

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$49.00 USD
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$49.00 USD

1.Stainless steel wrapped magnet, ultrasonic welding without glue, double protection magnet from falling to prevent your baby from eating by mistake
2.This one is a brand new design, updated than the first generation, much more light and thin, with a much more strong magnet!
3.Also, the ice cream colors are much more attractive!
4.Enjoy the fun of our products with your kids!

Material: ABS
Number of blocks (pieces): 38-50 pieces (pieces)
3C configuration category: plastic toys under 14 years old
A: 70PCS in barrel
B: barreled 76PCS
C: Barreled 86PCS

Package Content:
1 x Toy