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New Halloween Scary Skull With Movable Mouth And Glow

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1. Glasses with lights can be more realistic and cool at night
2.3 The human skull mask is an excellent gothic gift for a friend or girlfriend. Give yourself a personalized gift that only you own.
3. You can put it on Halloween or theme photos. Suitable for any clothing. Soft and soft material.
4. Size-the best choice for a head circumference of 58-62 cm. The maximum width of the head is 18 cm. The maximum length of the head is 24 cm.
5. According to the shape and size of the head, masks are different means. If the width of the cheekbones exceeds 14 cm, the details of the jaw mechanism may be pressed against the face. If the head is longer than 24 cm, the mask will
6. Can't bring it! Be careful when measuring the face.

Product information:

Material: Vinyl
Weight: about 260 grams
Size: all size
Modeling: dark-colored movable skull hair is red, dark-colored movable skull hair is green, light-colored movable skull hair is red, light-colored movable skull hair is green

Packing list:

Skull mask*1